Home Inspector Academy is a 28 day crash course to home inspections. The course is led by a successful veteran, and home inspector with his own home inspection company in Meridian, Idaho.

The Boise market is heavily saturated with new inspectors. Due to the competitive nature of the industry and the coveted client base our apprenticeships will be exposed to, Home Inspector Academy will require a signed an agreement that excludes our apprentices from working in the industry of Home Inspections within a 160 mile radius of Boise, Idaho. The 160 mile agreement applies to all apprenticeships for a period of 10 years from the month and year the certificate is earned by the apprentice.

Home Inspector Academy enjoys offering the apprenticeship course to any state in the United States. Home Inspector Academy gives  no claims or direction for the licensing required by any state. It is the apprentice’s responsibility to comply with the licensing in the state where they live or work. Home Inspector Academy makes no representations about requirements, the laws, licensing, rules or insurances regarding the state you live and work in. Please research requirements for your state.

Home Inspector Academy does not give legal advice.

Home Inspector Academy provides a detailed hands on, in person learning environment to  gain knowledge about the industry of home inspections and direction in regards to promoting yourself and your business.

Home Inspector Academy will arrange for a discounted hotel stay. Any dispute that arises between apprentice and hotel is a separate contract. It is agreed that Home Inspector Academy will not be held liable for any dispute that may arise between apprentice and recommended hotels.

The Adventure Days are optional. Home Inspector Academy takes every precaution to provide safety for our outdoor adventures. We do not provide insurance.  It is agreed that  the Home Inspector Academy will not be held liable for any injury arising from an Adventure Day.

Home Inspector Academy will not be held liable for any injury arising from apprenticeship training, inspections, or throughout any part of the 28 days of the course.

Accommodations are separate from the school. Transportation is provided for all required days of the apprenticeship and Adventure Days and to and from the airport, for out of state apprenticeships. Transportation will not be provided for any other activities or reasons or for local apprentices.

Home inspections are subjective, and the industry is always changing and growing. Home Inspector Academy is a starting point to understanding the home inspection  process. Continuing education is always recommended.

Home Inspector Academy is not responsible for teaching every detail regarding the industry itself. The Home Inspector Academy solely provides the crash course apprenticeship and we educate you the best we can with the extensive knowledge we have.

Home Inspector Academy is not an accredited college course. Home Inspector Academy is not a licensing agency. Home Inspector Academy is an educational, learning certificate program designed to teach you the basics of the home inspection process.

Any dispute that may arise between the apprentice and the Home Inspector Academy, LLC will receive no more than $500 in refund compensation. It is agreed by all parties that any court action will be settled through mediation.

All information regarding client and protocol taught by Home Inspector Academy is confidential and cannot be shared with other inspectors or companies.

During your stay for the apprenticeship course you will have most of your nights with unscheduled free time at the hotel you are staying.

Apprentices must be a citizen of the United States of America. Apprentices must be 18 years or older of age.

*Free gift from Home Inspector Academy for ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ promotion; on any and all social media will be an Idaho shaped decal and cannot be redeemed for cash.