The Industry

Home inspections are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. When a home inspection is performed by a knowledgeable individual, who provides a clear and detailed report, buying a house can be a little less stressful.

Home inspectors provide an unbiased overview that every home buyer should have before closing the deal. Inspectors are trained to look beyond the surfaces and provide details on the homes major components: the roof, foundation structure, plumbing, electrical , etc. Qualified inspectors can gauge which items found during the inspection are cosmetic, which items may need attention in the near future, and which items need attention before moving forward with their purchase. Home inspections and the information within the provided reports, play a major role in negotiating repairs, adjusting price of the home, and sometimes provide the means to back away from a home based on the findings.

Also, inspectors do not just perform their inspections on previously owned or newly built houses. Home inspectors provide assessments on town houses, condominiums, commercial buildings, and apartments. For this reason, inspectors must be fit physically to be able to build a comprehensive report of their investigation. They often are maneuvering through crawl spaces, and scaling ladders.

The process of becoming a home inspector can be somewhat challenging, but exciting. So it’s imperative to be sure this profession will be a good fit for you and your future.