Our goal at Home Inspector Academy is to offer a one-of-a-kind experience where individuals of all backgrounds can come and learn about home inspections, as well as how to perform them. The majority of options available for people interested in beginning a career in home inspections is very limited and mostly consists of online learning and online courses.

We are constantly  approached by new inspectors who have construction or home inspector online training. Understandably, they  want to start their career as a home inspector right away. But many are concerned, as well they should be, about the  liabilities for a Home Inspector, with little actual experience. They are seeking mentorship. Many new home inspectors do not know exactly how to implement the process, write comprehensive  reports, and they are confused about options for insurance or how to market themselves in a way that allows for maximum exposure. While we encourage further education, including online courses, this apprenticeship is all you need to get started as an independent inspector coupled with any  industry requirements for your state.

We, at the Home Inspector Academy, take aspiring and seasoned inspectors alike to actual homes to experience what  the experts do firsthand, emerging the apprentice into the entire  process from start to finish.